Bacchus Environmental distributes SteriKleen

One-Step Disinfectant – Cleaner – Sanitizer – Fungicide – Viricide – Deodorizer

Sterikleen is manufactured in B.C. and is Health Canada approved.

Formulated for:

  • Hospital
  • Food Handling & Processing Areas
  • Transport Applications
  • Institutional Kitchens
  • Farms & Dairies
"We run a bustling health clinic with a large number of staff coming in and out. We also have a large client base, many with chronic and significant health conditions. Keeping everyone safe has been our top priority since the start of COVID-19. Working with Bacchus Environmental and their Sterikleen Products has been nothing short of a lifesaver. Their products give us confidence in keeping our staff and clientele safe from COVID-19, and the lack of fragrance is a huge benefit with the sensitivities we have. We use it on all surfaces in the clinic multiple times per day and have no fragrance issues at all, and it has been safe on all of our many different surfaces, including our furniture. The electrostatic sprayer allows us to spend far less time cleaning, allowing us to do more cleanings throughout the day than previously possible. It used to take us 6 hours to clean the clinic, and now we can do it in under an hour. Many thanks to Fred and his team for helping us to practise safely, effectively, and efficiently through this challenging time."
Andrew Neufeld
MC RCC (Owner, Alongside You)

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